Ultimate Mailman

We’ve all noticed that mail has been an issue during Covid. Now, we’re not going to sit hit and point fingers at what assholes are behind the problem or how big of a dick you have to be to interfere with the mail because we’re great innovators. When a problem comes along, you must fix it. Fix it good. And that’s what we do round these parts. Sooooo…. that’s why we created the drone mail delivery system.

a fully-armed drone carrying a mailbox for accepting mail and shooting mail

This bad boy comes with a full-size mailbox for all your mail sending needs. No longer will you have to drive to a mailbox or walk all the way out to your own mailbox like some kind of mountaineer or athlete or person with a buddy that will carry them or whatever. No, those days are gone. This mofo can show up right outside your second story window for you to shove your package right in it’s dirty little mail mouth.

It doesn’t stop there though. Oh no. This metallic maverick comes fully equipped with a built-in mail sorter and delivery system. After you feed it your stack of highly specific furry porn you sold to some people with WAY too much money on the internet, it will go out and deliver local mail or return to the thunderdrone where a long-haul drone will delivery it to it’s final destination.