Muffled Screams and Broken Dreams: The Great Corporate Time-Heist

A dive into the inner workings of the corporate mindset, the misuse of people’s time, and the depressing nature of the workplace. Complete with graphics and shitty animal analogies.

Upon the completion of the series, the MUCUS Certificate will be unlocked and you’ll be able to show others your mastery of the content just like we know you always wanted.


  1. Intro/Part 1: The Aworkening
  2. Part 2: Reconnoitering and Shit
  3. Part 3: Survival — MVP+1
  4. Part 4: Evasion — Counter-Strategy Strategy
  5. Part 5: Resistance — Spite of a Warrior
  6. Part 6: Escape – Fleeing the Scene
  7. Get Certified