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Ever wander what it would be like to be CEO of a company? Would you shit on all the people below your? Would you be a benevolent dictator looking after each of your employees as if they were an injured fawn that needs guiding in every step of their life but is ultimately too stupid to be trusted with minor tasks? Would you cut your own salary to bring up those beneath you? Well, we’ve got the perfect way for you to find out with the all new CEO: Experience Theater. Learn more about the process here.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Self, you’re already a top-notch CEO running a multi-billion dollar, highly respected shitcoin fabrication empire. Why would I care about this?” First, congrats on your wealth and shitheadedness. Second, the experience isn’t just for the uninitiated.

Have you ever considered how you would handle a hostile takeover attempt, a major stock price drop, or even what you would do in the event that the video get’s leaked of you doing blow off your assistants ass? With the highly advanced AI driving the CEO: Experience Theater bus, we can accommodate anything from the mundane every day scenarios to situations highly specific to your company or even your imagination. The Experience Theater can take you from being a mediocre shitlord to being the empire of shit mountain. Learn more about the theater experience here.

The CEO: Experience Theater is a highly customized experience tailored to you as a person. For some this can be a highly troubling experience as it can reveal things about you that you never knew. For this reason, we recommend watching a trial video of someone going through the initial calibration before scheduling your own CEO: Experience Theater consultation.

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